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Any tips on how to get SCOUTED!!!!

2016-02-02 16:18:14 by AnthonyDavila

as the title says I'm lost with this, what I've gather from some people is that my artwork won't go up publicly until I get scouted but just how am I supposed to do that, anyone have any tips on that. :(


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2016-02-02 16:29:43

I can scout you if you want :)


2016-02-02 17:32:24

1. Have good art.
2. Much positive interaction in the forums.
3. Review the artwork of other users (especially users who are already scouted as they are the ones who can scout you).
4. Definitely DON'T be a douchebag.
5. Follow and favorite other artists

Basically, you really need to spend a lot of time interacting, reviewing, following and favoriting. You need to do this because it will draw attention first to you, then your artwork. It only takes a few people who like your artwork a lot for you to get scouted. You just gotta make yourself known. I have gained 12 fans in the past week by interacting in the manners mentioned above, not just because my music is good. The same goes for artwork. INTERACT!

AnthonyDavila responds:

ok cool, and thank you for your comment its really helpful and I guess ill have to socialize much more :)


2016-02-02 17:50:06

No problem. It's what I do. BTW I don't post art (I can't draw anything worth diarrhea), so I don't think it would be right for me to recommend you.

AnthonyDavila responds:

Haha don't worry about it :) your comment was more than enough help, to be honest I wasn't socializing much to begin with but now I know where to start so thanks again.


2017-07-25 19:12:33

Some one scout me...